Visit the “DRAGONTAVERN” at the “HISTORICAL CASTLEFESTIVAL” Manderscheid – 24th und 25th August 2019

The “Dragontavern” is a wine tavern in the basement below the castle tower Pallas at the historical castlefestival.
There are little treats and grilled dishes to the wines. Medieval musical entertainment is provided by: “The Heidweilers”, “Andra – the well-travelled bard” and “Robert Klein – the minstrels”.

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The lower Castle (Niederburg) of the Eifelverein and the upper castle (Oberburg) of Manderscheid will be the stage of medieval heroism once again.
The two majestic castles, which face each other, will give an insight into the mysterious Middle Ages. The upper castle was first historically mentioned in 973 and belonged to the Trier principality for many centuries. It is one of the oldest castles of the Eifel region.


The lower castle’s existence was first documented in 1133. The larger castle along with its mostly valley settlement had strong bonds to the duchy of Luxemburg. The river Lieser which separates the two fortresses, represented the borderline between the two territories. It so happened that the two castles were enemies for many centuries.
In 1794, the lower castle was destroyed by French revolutionary troops. The 18 meter high tower built in the 12th century presents a beautiful, romantic view of the Lieser river valley. The lower castle was purchased by the Eifelclub in 1899.

Once a year the Middle Ages come back to life in this setting:
On the last weekend in August, the castles and the adjacent tourney field (Turnierwiese) are turning into stages of lively activities. The tourney field will be transformed into medieval times by the Lion Knights. The stage will offer jousting tournaments with lances, swords and bows. Minnesingers and musicians will entertain you with ballads. For the younger guests, a children’s jousting tournament will be offered in front of the castle’s cellar and a puppet-show is set up inside the castle’s cellar.
Performances by buffoons, jugglers and fire eaters can be seen throughout the festival area. A special highlight of the festival is the historical artisan market. Whether it be blacksmith, lantern craftsman or flower arranger, all will be eager to demonstrate their skills.

Shedule of events

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